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  • SRIP Health – Medicine offers its members a supportive environment that significantly contributes to their visibility and thus to achieving higher added value,
  • cooperation with national authorities and representing your interests, with the aim of preparing common platforms for the formulation of national strategic development documents, legislation and tenders,
  • bringing together and connecting important stakeholders with our members in the domestic and international environment,
  • help finding and establishing connections with new business partners in Slovenia and around the world,
  • promoting your products/services both at home and abroad,
  • organising workshops and trainings for our members in the field of Health – Medicine,
  • enabling and encouraging networking among members,
  • as a partnership of organisations we co-create success stories in the academic, research and economic spheres,
  • offering help in finding funding sources (tenders),
  • through our involvement and activities in international clusters, we provide you with support for internationalisation,
  • promoting joint development and strengthening cooperation in EU initiatives and programmes,
  • enabling you to cooperate in human resources development,
  • informing you regularly about current events, tenders, and/or business opportunities,
  • encouraging the creation of new value chains.


How do I become a member of SRIP Health – Medicine?

To become a SRIP Health – Medicine member, fill in the application form for SRIP Health – Medicine and send it, signed and stampd by your organisation, to the following address:

SRIP Health – Medicine
Slovensko inovacijsko stičišče, evropsko gospodarsko interesno združenje
Večna pot 113
1000 Ljubljana

SIS EGIZ members do not pay a separate membership fee for the SRIP Health – Medicine membership.


Where can I get information about the operation and organisation of SRIP Health – Medicine?

All information regarding the operation and organisation of SRIP Health – Medicine can be found in the Basic Act of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership (SRIP) Health – Medicine. The Basic act regulates the operation of SRIP bodies, management and procedures for implementing SRIP activities, and determines mutual rights and obligations of partners in establishing the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership Health – Medicine in the priority area of application of the S4 “Health – Medicine” Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Večna pot 113
1000 Ljubljana

01 4798 008